With: Eugenia Romanelli, journalist and author + Eva Tomei, photographer.

Have you ever been intimately accompanied around a city by an author or a journalist? Have you ever been the artistic subject for a professional photographer? The experience we are proposing is not a guided tour, but an immersion in the emotions the city can provide through the special oratory of a professional story-teller, captured for eternity in the portraits of a photographic master. Needless to say, Italy, from A to Z, is a Mecca for all wine lovers. Our tour includes a unique wine tasting, and not only because it focuses on Italian méthode champenoise bottles, a little-known universe that rivals and often exceeds the quality of similar French products, but also because the sensory experience takes place in a unique environment. The Howtan Space contemporary art gallery will stay closed to the public to allow our guests to experience an unforgettable moment, from the gastronomic delights accompanying the wine, to some of the most elegant bottles from the peninsular and the works of art displayed in the gallery. On request it will also be possible to meet the artist Howtan Re, among the most highly-thought of in the world, whose works are exhibited in St. Petersburg.

Length: 1 hour

The cost of the tour includes three flutes of top quality méthode champenoise Italian spumante, a selection of finger food and the digital photo book.