With: Eugenia Romanelli, journalist and author + Eva Tomei, photographer.

Have you ever been intimately accompanied around a city by an author or a journalist? Have you ever been the artistic subject for a professional photographer? The experience we are proposing is not a guided tour, but an immersion in the emotions the city can provide through the special oratory of a professional story-teller, captured for eternity in the portraits of a photographic master. In Rome, art is not found only in museums. In the past few years, Italian and international artists have covered the walls of the capital with large and small works of street art, in black and white and colour, transforming what once were semi-abandoned industrial zones and neighbourhoods in the outskirts into bona fide open-air museums. This art which is no longer confined to the refined atmosphere of galleries, but has been created as part of the landscape, to describe the past and present of the spaces they occupy. The birth of street art in Rome began in the working class districts in the south-east of the city. Today, Rome can boast of 300 works of street art in 150 different streets. The tour accompanies our visitors in a chauffeur-driven limousine to discover the most striking murals and artists: David Daivù Vecchiato and Lucamaleonte at the Quadraro, historical anti-fascist district, Blu in the Ostiense district, an avant-garde quarter in industrial Rome, ROA in Testaccio, with his “Jumping Wolf”, a graffiti artist’s version of the symbol of Rome, the Capitoline wolf, and Alice Pasquini in San Lorenzo, an absolute must-see of Roman street art, with its bohemian atmosphere. The tour ends at the ex-Dogana (the old customs house), symbol of Rome’s art underground.

Length: 2 hours

The cost of the tour includes limousine service and digital photo book.