With: Eugenia Romanelli, journalist and author + Eva Tomei, photographer.

Have you ever been intimately accompanied around a city by an author or a journalist? Have you ever been the artistic subject for a professional photographer? The experience we are proposing is not a guided tour, but an immersion in the emotions the city can provide through the special oratory of a professional story-teller, captured for eternity in the portraits of a photographic master. Italy is justly famous as one of the “foodiest” countries in the world. A few years ago, in Rome, Eataly opened a mega-emporium dedicated to excellence in Italian food and wine. The architect Luigi Benvenuti has restored life to a building designed by Julio Lafuente as a terminal for Fiumicino airport, inaugurated for the 1990 World Cup in Italy, that has been sitting idly for 20 years. Today the structure, unashamedly futuristic, hosts a vast market and many restaurants where you can buy and taste the best of Italian food. Our writer and our photographer will guide visitors in their purchases from two of the following Italian specialties, after a comprehensive description about the type of food: from its origins, to its devolpment over time, to existing varieties, to different producers, etc. Our guests can choose whether to discover the secrets of the world’s best durum wheat pasta (to be cooked rigourously al dente), or egg pasta, or extra virgin olive oil, or Fassone beef, or cured meats and cheeses. But you can also choose among the best chocolates, jams, honeys, coffee, or the best vegetables from Lazio and Italy, not to mention the spices, or the bread and Genoese focaccia. Last, but by no means least, the supremely popular counter dedicated exclusively to fresh buffalo milk mozzarella from Caserta.

Length: 2 hours

The cost of the tour includes the digital photo book.