With: Eugenia Romanelli, journalist and author + Eva Tomei, photographer.

Have you ever been intimately accompanied around a city by an author or a journalist? Have you ever been the artistic subject for a professional photographer? The experience we are proposing is not a guided tour, but an immersion in the emotions the city can provide through the special oratory of a professional story-teller, captured for eternity in the portraits of a photographic master. Few people in the world know that ever since the days of ancient Rome, the city has been one of the symbolic origins of eroticism. The tour takes our visitors to ZouZou, the first boutique to open its doors to eroticism in the heart of the city. In a welcoming and sophisticated space, where fragances enhance the senses and fantasy is stimulated by the beauty of the design of the articles on show, Eugenia Romanelli, author of erotic novels, will reveal the history of sexuality from the time of imperial Rome until the present day. A visit of the establishment will follow, an Italian forerunner in the field of sensual entertainment which can be proud of its exclusive liasons with the most important global designers and creators in the fields of lingerie and luxury sex toys. We can find Shiri Zinn, whose Crystal Dildo collection has been displayed in the Museum of Sex on 5th Avenue in New York, Jimmyjane, the San Francisco lifestyle brand, whose gold- and platinum-plated sex toys have become objects to show off in public for celebrities such as P. Diddy, Kate Moss, Eva Longoria and others. A comment apart must be reserved for Betony Vernon, extraordinary and stunning creator of erotic jewels, fought over by the highest profile photographers and fashion magazines, who has personally chosen ZouZou as her exclusive showcase in Italy. Her Paradise Found collection is composed of precious objects that improve sexual performance, crafted in noble materials which often hide their true purpose behind the ornamental form. The boutique’s jewel in the crown is the small dressing room decorated by Rafael Vargas, worshipper of female icons from the Renaissance to Pop Art, whose works display desire and eroticism.

Length: 1 hour

The cost of the tour includes the digital photo book.