With: Eugenia Romanelli, journalist and author + Eva Tomei, photographer.

Have you ever been intimately accompanied around a city by an author or a journalist? Have you ever been the artistic subject for a professional photographer? The experience we are proposing is not a guided tour, but an immersion in the emotions the city can provide through the special oratory of a professional story-teller, captured for eternity in the portraits of a photographic master. In Rome no standard tours lead to the Coppedè district, a magical and mysterious place, 26 buildings and 17 small villas nestling in the Trieste neighborhood, full of unusual energy, perhaps due to the mysterious suicide of its creator, the architect Gino Coppedè. The Romans call it the “fairy district” because of the strange atmosphere and Dario Argento used it as the stage for his horror films (“Inferno” and “The bird with crystal feathers”). Our writer and photographer will take you to this extravagant quarter created between 1915 and 1927 to show you the crazy mix of styles where Renaissance symbols, street shrines, neo-gothic streetlights, baroque coats of arms, Roman triumphal arches, glimpses of Liberty decoration and gothic towers coexist in perfection. In the heart of the neighborhood there is also “The Tree of Life”, where we will gather to listen to the energies swirling around at that moment.

Length: 1 hours

The cost of the tour includes the digital photo book.