Millions of people visit Rome every year, and they all do the same things: Vatican, Colosseum, Villa Borghese etc. etc…. But after these must-sees, there is a whole hidden world that only the Romans can enjoy. A new exclusive service now caters for those privileged vistors who wish to remember their visit to Rome as a lasting life-style luxury experience.

We are not talking about standard tour guides offering look-alike cookie-cutter packages. Our companions in your discoveries include journalists, well-known Italian literary figures and top-flight photographers who will immortalize your magic moments and deliver creative and perfect images to treasure for ever. Sommeliers and experienced food hounds will lead you from incredibile sensory delight to incredibile flavour revelation.

Rome is not just history and classic art. It is also home to one of the most dynamic avantgarde movements worldwide, and there is a unique district which boasts some of the most creative and mind-blowing street art to be found anywhere. Everyone who has visited this area has come away enriched, and the presence of a professional photographer will provide you with a series of portraits that will enhance the artistic pieces you have included in your interior design choices.

This is but one of our innovative and personalized proposals. Let us take you to one Europe’s most intriguing sensual meeting places where an expert will guide you through Rome’s erotic heritage, while surrounded by the most sophisticated sensual objects created by leading designers for personal pleasure.

Don’t hesitate to check all our proposals: are you curious about Roman food and wine and would like a hands-on gastronomic extravaganza that few people can experience or a champagne tasting in an chic contemporary art gallery open exclusively for you during your stay? What about a walking-tour inside the woods of one of Rome’s largest parks in the heart of the city, or a plunge into Rome’s effervescent LGBT scene? Only a few of the many other offerings, which can also be tailored to fit your own personal tastes and needs.

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